I specialize in trauma treatment in couples, families, and individuals. At first, we'll identify goals and begin developing the trusting relationship that allows therapy to be helpful. I use a range of tools, including EMDR, mindfulness, and family of origin work to resolve underlying struggles and transform destructive beliefs into more peaceful living

If you're ready to feel better, I'll be happy to talk with you. Finding the right fit is important, so we'll schedule a brief phone consultation (10 minutes or so) to talk about how we'll work together, and then schedule a first session.

You can reach me at 612-208-8870. I look forward to hearing from you.

I work with people who want better relationships with others and better relationships with themselves. Couples, families, and individuals I see are bright, curious, motivated people who find their lives disrupted somehow - by the intrusion of traumatic experiences, life transitions, or persistent struggles with mental health that don't resolve on their own. I have a deep understanding of the unique therapy needs of therapists and doctors and their partners and families, and I enjoy working with folks anywhere on the gender and sexuality spectra. I also work with torture and war trauma survivors, refugees, and asylum seekers.


I respect clients’ wisdom, and I enjoy sharing my expertise. My approach is warm, kind, and sometimes a little irreverent. I consider issues of power, privilege, culture, and marginalization as we work. I'm a model of imperfection, relying on mindfulness, education, and a host of self-care practices to keep me healthy enough to talk to people about health.